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Music Instruction at Belgrade Central

Rhythm Work in 3rd Grade Music Classes: Students in Mrs. Paradis’ third grade music classes have been doing a lot of work with rhythm this trimester! They have been reviewing the names of notes and rests, saying rhythms using musical terms, and performing them using body percussion. They recently worked in small groups using rhythm cards to create a pattern, added body percussion sounds, then performed each one! Lots of clapping, stomping, patting, and snapping patterns were created in this hands-on activity!

Bucket Drumming in 4th + 5th Grade Music Classes: The music room has been rockin’ out as students in Mrs. Paradis’ fourth and fifth grade music classes have been playing bucket drums to play-along videos. Songs have included, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” “Best Day of My Life,” and “Safe and Sound.” #WeAreRSU18

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