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BCS Chapter Chats

Last September, Belgrade Central School decided to form a book club for staff members who are regular readers in their personal time. They quickly dubbed the meetings “Chapter Chats” and they met seven times over the course of last school year.

Members share books that they enjoy from fiction to memoirs and even arranged a movie outing last year to compare a book they had read to the film version.

“The discussion, food, and friendship [the group provided] were an added bonus to our year at BCS,” said book club member Jenna Zemrak. “We look forward to reading even more during our second year, picking a theme for each month and meeting for chats at local businesses and members homes.” 



Pictured above: some of the group members holding their favorite Chapter Chat books so far. Left to Right: Marge Gooldrup, Kristen Pietri, Beverly Stevens, Heather Holinger, Jill Mackenzie, Judy Johnson, Jamie Wade, Leanne Moll, Jenna Zemrak, Shawna Lachance, and Laura Dunbar

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