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BCS gears up for Global School Play Day!

On February 6th, BCS will be participating in Global School Play Day 2019 (GSPD).  GSPD was developed to raise awareness about the necessity of unstructured play. It has been promoted by Psychology Today and is celebrated at schools around the world.

This is the 5th annual GSPD. Last year, over 385,000 students participated from 58 nations.  This year the goal is to reach 500,000. In this TEDx lecture, Developmental Psychologist Peter Gray clearly argues the case that today’s kids do not grow up playing enough and this has negatively impacted them in many ways.

BCS hopes to help change that by participating in this year’s GSPD.  They plan to split the unstructured, supervised play time between indoor and outdoor play. Principal Gwen Bacon sent a letter home to parents inviting all BCS students to bring toys and games they want to play with on this special day. From board games and puzzles to Legos and dress up clothes, students are welcome to bring what they like best, as long as the toys are non-violent and they leave their electronic devices at home.

“Though our play day will be unstructured, it will still be supervised by teachers,” Mrs. Bacon shared in her letter. “It is my hope that this one day of play will inspire families to plan for more unstructured play time during non-school hours.”

You can learn more about the benefits of unstructured play by visiting the official GSPD website: www.globalschoolplayday.com.

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