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BCS Reading Garden Gazebo

These photos are of the building of our gazebo patio and gazebo placement which will be part of our reading garden at BCS.  The original gazebo was ruined during a storm in October of 2017.

In the new and improved structure, students will have access to Kindles that were donated from Cole’s Museum in Hampden. Students in grades K-2 have 25 Kindles and students in grades 3-5 also have 25 Kindles.  Books will be downloaded based on grade level reading abilities. Students will be able to use these devices when outside in the reading garden.

We have received a great deal of community help throughout this project and are very thankful for the efforts of all those who made this project possible! Bryan Bacon Construction, Nick and Megan Bacon of Bacon Property Services, Mrs. Bacon, Mr. Jeff Shieve for getting the sand and gravel, and Hammond lumber employee’s for helping to carry the structure onto the pad.


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